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Karen was born in 1972 in Cincinnati, Ohio.  At the age of four years old Karen and her family journeyed to the Heart of Dixie where they would soon realize the true meaning of, “Sweet Home Alabama”.  Karen and her family settled in a small town called Union Grove, Alabama where Karen spent the majority of her childhood embracing and developing a true love for southern living and the space program.

In 1990, Karen graduated Arab High School continuing on to Wallace State Community College located in Hanceville, Alabama.  While at Wallace State Karen passionately followed her love for the space program earning her a spot on the NASA Co-op program following in her father’s footsteps.  Karen’s love and support for NASA began at a very young age as she watched her father in his career as an engineering technician at NASA.  

After graduating from Wallace State with a business degree in 1993 Karen entered the corporate world garnering respect and creating value for companies such as: ITC Deltacom, FPMI, Ultratec, and SAIC.  With over twenty-four years of experience in the corporate world, providing a unique blend of administrative, technical, marketing, and customer service; Karen is ready to put her skills to work for the people of Alabama alongside her husband Stacy George.

As First Lady of Alabama, Karen plans to be a strong advocate for women and children focusing on healthcare and education while strengthening and building strong communities across Alabama.  She will form a committee of like minds to find ways to help children that are victims to a crime that caused the death of a parent or parents and also to the children that have a parent or parents in prison.  It is not their fault that one or both of their parents were lost due to violence or are in prison.  Mothers and Fathers in prison is creating a huge hole in the family unit and causing a major disadvantage to the child and single parent.  Karen says that children need a positive mother and father figure in their life.  She will find ways to bridge that gap and encourage these kids and let them know about Jesus.  Children need to put their hope in Jesus and it's everyone's job to make sure kids know about God and that HE loves them!  Children don't have a voice.  Karen hopes to change that when she is First Lady. 

But most importantly, Karen is a proud mother of four children and a devoted wife to her husband, Stacy George.  The George family currently lives in Marshall County.

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