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"First of all, I will not EVER shut down small business or raise taxes in Alabama!! For as long as I can remember, following in my father's footsteps, I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to public service. I want to serve the people of Alabama as House District 27 and give the people a government that works for them.  We need to unify and get Montgomery operating in an ethical and transparent manner.  I strongly believe, once we do this, government waste will reveal itself, which will propel Alabama in creating jobs, improving our schools, improving our healthcare system, and allow us to tackle issues such as prison reform.  I want other people, government agencies, states, and law makers to look at Alabama as the example and not the status quo.  With over two decades of government experience, I know what it takes to unify our citizens, root out corruption, find solutions, navigate complicated governmental agencies, and get things done.  "


Our Veterans & Second Amendment 

America's veterans bravely put themselves in harm's way to defend our freedoms.  Once our veterans return home, they should never have to worry about finding a job, receiving quality healthcare, or where they are going to sleep.  I will support legislation that helps our veterans.

The Second Amendment is one of the most important rights Americans have to protect our freedom, liberty, and to ensure the safety of our family and homes.  As a sidearm owner and former Correctional Officer, I unequivocally support the Second Amendment. 


Alabama must have a ready to work workforce skilled in welding, electronics, electricity, nursing, drafting, engineering, etc.  We must look at providing vocational programs in and around rural areas that gives everyone a chance at a trade.  Additionally, we must develop an incentive program for companies that employ reformed individuals who have achieved a trade in prison, which will provide a new taxpayer and not a tax spender.


I believe we must continually work through our local Chamber of Commerce locations on workforce development and reaching out to our existing businesses and asking how we can help them expand.  We must reach out to businesses who have left or are looking for a new home and bring them to the table with innovative offers that benefit the Alabama taxpayers and communities. I will NEVER vote to shutdown small businesses or make unemployment benefits higher than an employee would get paid working.  It will be my top priority to start a movement to repeal the 2019 gas tax once I am elected to State Senate District 9. 


Medicaid needs an overhaul.  President Trump’s newly passed bill allowing Alabama to be creative dealing with the uninsured gives us the perfect chance to bring in the Alabama communities and healthcare experts to collaborate and develop innovative reform that actually works.


Alabama must reach into the bag of capitalism and spark competition with at least two competitors for BCBS of AL with the goal of increasing the number of individuals being covered while decreasing cost for Alabama individuals and families.


A great education always starts at home.  Increasing parent involvement while strengthening Alabama communities is the first step in providing an industry leading education platform.  Education is the key to not only growing and developing communities but also job creation.  Alabama must strive to set a new standard in education by treating our teachers like they deserve to be treated.  We need to reevaluate the educator pay scales and adjust at a rate that will enable us to recruit and retain the best educators in the nation.


It is time to take action with prison reform.  I have developed a detailed prison plan: Rock Solid Prison Reform.  This plan reduces incarcerated inmates by 8%.  My plan does not mass release inmates, but more importantly gives reformed inmates a path to be a responsible and productive tax-paying citizen.


We must also reevaluate Correctional Officer’s pay by using a three-year plan that includes identifying and eliminating wastes and inefficiencies freeing up cash flow for public service officials. 

  1. Change the Re-appraisal of property from every year to every FOUR years.  

  2. I will start a movement to repeal the gas tax of 2019 immediately.  

  3. Elimate the grocery tax completely.


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