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Date: 12/27/23
Time: 10:00 am
Purpose: Endorsement from Focus on America for Stacy George District 9 State Senete



Focus on America Endorses Stacy George for Alabama Senate District 9 Based on Candidate's Merits


Arab, AL - Stacy George, candidate for Alabama Senate District 9, has received an endorsement from Focus on America (FOA), an organization dedicated to upholding the principles established by the nation's founders and committed to restoring God-given, constitutionally guaranteed liberties. The endorsement is a result of Stacy George's exemplary qualifications, aligned experience, and unwavering commitment to constitutional principles.


Focus on America's endorsement of Stacy George was based on several key factors, including:


1. Candidate Survey: Stacy George completed a comprehensive candidate survey outlining his stance on critical issues, demonstrating alignment with constitutional principles and a dedication to representing the values of the constituency.


2. Experience: With a proven track record of advocating for individual liberties, constitutional rights, and extensive employment experience, Stacy George showcases a deep understanding of the importance of informed voters and the significance of restoring foundational American values.


3. Voting History when serving as an elected official:  George's voting history was from his time serving on the Morgan County Commission. 


4. Donations/Endorsements: Stacy George's campaign does not rely on funding or endorsements from big PAC organizations that might compromise the candidate's dedication to representing the best interests of the people.


"Our endorsement of Stacy George is based on his commitment to restoring the principles that have made our nation great," remarked a spokesperson for Focus on America. "His alignment with constitutional values, dedication to empowering constituents, and lack of reliance on big PAC donations highlight his commitment to representing the people of Alabama Senate District 9. George is the only candidate that can make this claim.”


Stacy George, known for his unwavering commitment to constitutional liberties and empowerment of informed voters, expressed gratitude for the endorsement from Focus on America. "I am honored to receive the endorsement from Focus on America," George stated. "My campaign is rooted in representing the values and voices of the people in Alabama Senate District 9 without influence from big PAC organizations."


As an organization dedicated to fostering informed voters and supporting candidates who represent American values without external influence, Focus on America encourages voters in Alabama Senate District 9 to consider Stacy George as a candidate who aligns with these timeless principles.


For more information about Stacy George's campaign and Focus on America's endorsement, please visit and



Media Contact:  

Stacy Lee George



Focus on America:

Date: December 26, 2023
Time: 12:00 pm
Purpose: National Organization Stand for Health Freedom Endorses Stacy George for Alabama Senate District 9

Arab, AL - Stand for Health Freedom, a leading national organization dedicated to advocating for health freedom and individual rights, has officially endorsed Stacy George for Alabama Senate District 9. The endorsement comes in recognition of George's commitment to protecting individual liberties, health freedoms, and advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being and rights of the people.


Stacy George, a prominent figure in the community and a candidate for Alabama Senate District 9, has been dedicated to serving the people of Alabama with integrity, compassion, and a strong focus on individual rights and health freedom.


Stand for Health Freedom highlighted Stacy George's unwavering dedication to championing changes that support health autonomy and individual freedoms. George has a proven track record of advocating for healthcare policies that empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health while safeguarding their rights.


Commenting on the endorsement, a representative from Stand for Health Freedom stated, "Stacy George's commitment to protecting health freedom aligns perfectly with our organization's core values. We believe in supporting candidates who prioritize the rights of individuals to make their own health choices. Stacy George has demonstrated a strong dedication to upholding these principles, making him an ideal candidate for Alabama Senate District 9."


In accepting the endorsement, Stacy George expressed gratitude for the support and reaffirmed his commitment to representing the constituents of Alabama Senate District 9. "I am honored to receive the endorsement from Stand for Health Freedom," George said. "I remain dedicated to advocating for policies that prioritize the health and well-being of individuals while safeguarding their freedom to make informed choices about their healthcare."


The upcoming special election on January 9 presents an opportunity for the people of Alabama Senate District 9 to choose a representative who values health freedom and individual rights. Stand for Health Freedom urges voters to consider Stacy George as a candidate who aligns with these critical values.


For more information about Stacy George's campaign and Stand for Health Freedom's endorsement, please visit ( and Stand for Health Freedom's dedicated page on voting for health freedom ( Vote Stacy George for Alabama Senate on January 9.


**Media Contact:**  

Stacy Lee George



Stand For Health Freedom

Date: 4/7/22
Time: 10:00 am
Purpose: School Prayer in the State of Alabama: My plan if elected Governor.  I already have a record of supporting prayer in the schools. 

Let George Do It because he has already done it.  On Page 108 of my book “Let Stacy Lee George Do It” it shows my involvement from 2018 to 2020 on the issue of prayer in our hometown of Arab. Have no fear Stacy is here.  The law is already on our side.  If elected governor, I will take care of this issue. The state will take up the legal responsibility for defending all our state’s school systems against these legal attacks.  Schools will no longer feel the need to bow down to prayer detractors.  Look at the condition of our state since prayer was removed from the schools. It is time to elect leaders with a backbone and a record of doing something and not just talking about it. 

Date: September 24, 2021
Time: 4:30 pm
Purpose: Activate The National Guard Now In The Alabama Prisons

For the love of God, the Alabama legislature, the 105 State House members and the 35 State Senators must demand staffing numbers for the day shift and the night shift at every major prison in the state. This special legislative session should focus on the immediate needs of the prison system:


• The safety of the public around the prisons

• The officers in the prisons

• The inmates in the prisons

The Alabama National Guard would provide security personnel needed and it would provide nurses for health care needs within the prison. The prisons in Alabama are staffed at such DANGEROUS levels that it would terrify the public to know. The few correctional officers that we have worked roughly 36 of their off days' mandatory in almost a year's time. I know this not only as a candidate for Governor but as a Correctional Officer in the largest prison in Alabama. I know that this cost for personnel with the National Guard would be three to four times the cost of a Correctional Officer but the taxpayers would not even see the cost increase in the budget because the staffing levels are so LOW right now.

Date: July 23, 2021
Time: 3:00pm CST
Purpose: Response to Governor Ivey on the Covid-19 Vaccine

“I am one of those non-vaccinated people that Governor Ivey just scolded,” George said in a statement. “Unlike Governor Ivey I respect everyone who gets the vaccine as well as those like me that choose not to get the vaccine for various reasons. A governor should never belittle the people that disagree with her.”

Date: January 3, 2024
Time: 6:00 am
Purpose: The ACOA Endorses Stacy George for Alabama Senate District 9



Alabama Corrections Officers Association Endorses Stacy George for Alabama District 9 Senator


Montgomery, AL – The Alabama Corrections Officers Association (ACOA) proudly announces its endorsement of Stacy George as the candidate for Alabama District 9 Senator. ACOA, dedicated to advocating for the rights and welfare of Corrections Officers, recognizes George's unwavering commitment to upholding accountability and justice within the Alabama Department of Corrections.


Stacy George's involvement with ACOA dates back to 2017, when he aligned his efforts with the Association to champion the cause of Corrections Officers. His tenure as a Corrections Officer at Limestone exemplifies his deep understanding of the challenges and intricacies within the system.


"Stacy was one of the first individuals I encountered upon ACOA's transition to a lobbying firm for Corrections Officers,” stated Randy McGilberry, President of ACOA. "His merging of efforts with ACOA showcased his dedication to representing the interests of Alabama Department of Corrections Officers."


George's relentless pursuit of justice has been evident through his active participation in hearings at the State House. He has fearlessly addressed critical issues pertaining to safety, security, corruption, management practices, and the need for oversight in the Alabama Department of Corrections.


"I've witnessed Stacy's commitment firsthand as he conducted press conferences to challenge injustices within our legislative oversight committee," continued Gilberry. "His dedication to accountability and transparency is unmatched."


Stacy George's deep-rooted passion for fairness and truth became evident when he graciously yielded time during a pivotal hearing involving a personal tragedy. His advocacy for reform, coupled with his intimate understanding of the system, distinguishes him from career politicians.


"Stacy's career as a Corrections Officer speaks volumes about his commitment to the people. He seeks to represent his district with integrity, driven by a genuine desire to ensure accountability for taxpayer funds," emphasized Gilberry.


ACOA urges the constituents of Alabama District 9 to elect Stacy George—a candidate who possesses the firsthand experience and unwavering dedication to truth and accountability. His advocacy within Montgomery's halls underscores his commitment to ensuring that the interests of his District align with the responsible allocation of resources.


"Stacy's unwavering commitment, despite warnings from Commissioner Dunn, underscores his dedication to truth and justice. His District deserves a representative who prioritizes their interests above all else," concluded Gilberry.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Randy McGilberry

ACOA President


**Media Contact**

Stacy Lee George


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